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Purple Crowd
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Purple Smoke

What's Included

Your costume registration includes the following features:

  • FREE fitness workouts from June 7th to August 2nd

  • Your custom Costume & dedicated pick-up day

  • Admission wristband to the Parade Grounds at Exhibition Place

  • Morning Refreshments provided by the Starbucks Black Partners Network

  • Refreshment tickets redeemable with EPIC Carnival

  • Unlimited supply of drinking water (stay hydrated!)

  • Complimentary Poptail by Revel Poptails

  • Dedicated sound crew and EPIC Carnival trucks and support vehicles

  • Dedicated photographers

  • Support from your Section Leader as well as EPIC Carnival Marshals

Our preferred ppartners have provided additional offers:

Purple Crowd

Performances by:

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Purple Smoke

The E.P.I.C. Sound Crew

On Our Truck You'll hear sounds by:

Purple Crowd

The Parade Route

Download your copy of the 2023 Festival Guide

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We begin the day at 9:00AM at Assembly Area #2 (a.k.a. Lot 865), Entry to this area is accessible by The Dufferin Gate (Map Directions: 30 British Columbia Rd, Toronto, ON M6K 3C3)


Note: Assembly Area 2 is MASSIVE! Several Bands will be here. When approaching from The Dufferin Gates (southbound), the assembly area is to your right (across from Centennial Park). It starts at Car Park Lot 856 and stretches all the way to the OVO Athletic Centre. (20 - 30 British Columbia Road). Give yourself a lot of time in the morning to find us.


Look for the PURPLE T-shirts with EPIC STAFF.

We will guide you to Refreshments that will be served until 11:00 AM.


We have 4 photographers and 1 videographer in the EPIC Purple Tees to capture your memories. You can follow them on Instagram:   @bholaman1  , and @thereelmonty of team @grizzlyvisualz 


Stay with your Section as we proceed to the Lakeshore, We will party on the Lakeshore all afternoon as we anticipate crossing the Judgment Stage.


Our Sound Crew will be present on 2 Trucks keeping you entertained the entire way! Keep your eyes peeled for Marshals bringing water.


We also have a water truck and rest truck when you need to re-charge your batteries.


At the Judgment Stage we will re-assemble into our Sections and cross the Judging Platform section by section.


Pay attention to instruction from Marshals and your Section Leader.



From the stage we will gather and continue back to Assembly Area #2 to fete on!



Take the party with you, enjoy discounts to all of D'Bandit Entertainment events/fetes carnival weekend (ask your Section Leader for promo code)


PLEASE NOTE: There are TWO Assembly Areas at the Grand Parade. Some Bands start at Assembly Area #1 . EPIC starts at  Assembly Area #2 - Road.


Your E.P.I.C. Carnival Experience brought to you in partnership with:

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