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Waiting for a life to be born, an idea come to life, a spirit thrive, a flower to bloom this is our passion. The passion to grow! Keep moving, keep working, keep loving, nuture the things you love to eventually see them grow. We present Growth.

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EPIC Carnival

Fun In the Sun

As the day breaks and the morning sun rises, you see the dawn of a brand new day. You welcome that energy. It radiates its beauty and warmth and encourages you to want to be outdoors. Lets follow our passion to have fun in the sun!

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Costume Dynasty

June Hamilton- Costume Dynasty



Tend to the cure, restore health and harness the curative powers of herbal remedies. A gentle healing hand is a remedial surgery. A healing environment of mountains and fresh air. A theraputic agent of mind body and soul. Our passion to heal. This is Mhway


Gems of Spice

Stephaney & Jerome



Salsa Picante

Salsa, also know as saucy mixture uses an array of rythyms and movements incorporating elements from the world of jazz, rock, afrocuban and cariibean to create this spicy dance. Introducing Salsa Picante, its red white and blue representing the passion of the Domician, Cuban, Puerto Rican culture. Presenting Salsa Picante!

Mrs. Panama Designs

Emilsa "Mrs Panama"


Amour Diwali

This section portrays our passion for fashion mixed with our west Indian heritage. Diwali is the festival of lights, a celebration for victory of light over darkness. Representing the goddess of prosperity, power, freedom, hope and knowledge. This is Amour Diwali


Boss Beauty Carnival