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E.P.I.C. Carnival a brand extension of Durham Mas and Recreational Club. We are a non-for-profit organization that participates in Toronto Caribbean Carnival and other cultural events.  Our diverse team of management, section leaders, volunteers and sponsors work together to bring you an EPIC cultural experience. We encourage EVERYONE to participate in the carnival season. This year our theme is PASSION.  

Annual Costume Showcase

In anticipation of the carnival season costumes are unveiled at the annual "Band Launch". This is an event with Caribbean music, food, Dj's, dancing and fashion show. The 2023 theme, is PASSION! Follow us on instagram for some amazing photos @e.p.i.c.carnival

Costume Registration

Pre-Registration is open for you to save your spot. Full registration will be open by April. If you would like to participate in the parade you choose and purchase your favourite costume-many custom options available. With your costume purchase you get costume, entry to the parade, refreshments, meals, music and more... There are limited options for various costumes so register early to avoid disappointment.

Mas Camp

Each season the mas bands have a warehouse where they create, build and sell the seasons costumes. The mas camp also is a place to volunteer, enjoy music and attend team events. Our camp address TBA

Junior Carnival Band Launch

Just like the adults we encourage our children and youth to embrace our rich culture. This showcase also called a Junior Band Launch unveils the children's costume options for the season.

Annual Boat Cruise

Each year we host a boat cruise. The team offers music, food dancing, as we sail Toronto's waterfront.

Official Launch

This is when the city officially launches the start of Carnival. An amazing showcase of all the bands costumes takes place downtown and is welcome for all to enjoy!

Junior King & Queen

Each band creates large costumes that are inspired by their themes. This presentation is also when the costumes are judged for competition.

Junior Carnival

This is the big day for the Children to participate in a grand Junior parade. Any children 14yrs and under are welcome to purchase a costume and participate in the parade. Registration can be done at the camp or online

King & Queen Showcase

This event takes place in Lamport stadium. Its a full evening presentation and competition of the mas bands spectacular large costumes.

Toronto Caribbean Carnival

Sat Aug 5, 2023 is the grand parade. An event unlike any other in Toronto. An experience we want you to have with EPIC Carnival mas band.


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